Who are we? What are we doing?

Two Scotsmen, a Northern Irishman, and an American walk into a bar. And another. And another. And another…

Just as you’d expect when a group of twenty-somethings decide to explore America’s west coast together. Don’t worry, we’ll hit all the major sights and attractions in-between as well.

Hi, I’m Michaela, the aforementioned American. And as a west coast native, as well as the only one with a car and valid U.S. driver’s license, I have the dual roles tour guide and chauffeur for this road trip, which spans from Seattle to San Diego over the course of about two months. I’ll also be the one writing all the content for this blog.

Joining me are Sean, James, and Glenn, who are close childhood friends from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, hence the name Highland Globetrotters. And though I kid about being a chauffeur and tour guide, they (unfortunately) haven’t hired me for any of this. I was good friends with Sean, and when he told me he was planning a trip to California I had three reactions: 1. You can’t come spend two whole months in America without visiting me;  2. You have to see Seattle and the PNW, it’s beautiful; and 3. You can’t do America without a car. So I volunteered to join them. After that it didn’t take long for Sean and I to think to combine his web design skills and my writing capabilities to create this blog.

This is not your average travel blog. It sprouted from the twin desires to share our adventures with friends and loved ones back home, and to showcase the skills of a couple of recent college grads looking for jobs. As such, it lies somewhere in between the diary-esque blogs every student who goes abroad writes, and the professional blogs of travel writers who do this for a living.

Our primary goal is to have fun and have a place to look back at all of our memories. But if this also becomes something we can show to potential employers, then it’s a win-win.

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