Santa Barbara

Our airbnb for Santa Barbara wasn’t in Santa Barbara itself. We were just down the coast in a town called Carpinteria. Our airbnb was a nice room inside a larger house, with access to a deck to sit out on. Sean set up his Scottish flag outside to let all the neighbors know who was in town. After we unpacked all our stuff we went out in search of a place to vacuum out the car (it was pretty dirty after camping and weeks on the road) and picked up some groceries. That night we watched the horror film Winchester, since we had just visited the house in San Jose. It wasn’t very good or very historically accurate, but it was still cool to pick out things we had seen in the house.


The next morning we went to the nearest beach to our house, which was called Loon Point. It was pretty hot out, even though it was still morning, and Sean was the only one who wore his swimsuit and could cool off in the water. We did all the typical beach stuff, like throwing around the football, as well as a tennis ball that someone had left on the beach. We also buried Sean in the sand, only up to his waist this time, and as you can see we were very mature with our sand sculpting.

After cleaning up from the beach we found a Michael’s (craft supply store) and bought some paper and a marker to make a sign for Glenn for when we picked him up at the airport later that night. We ate lunch at Chick Fil-A and then made the journey all the way down to LAX, which took a few hours. We were worried we were going to be late, but as it turned out we had to wait over an hour before Glenn made it through customs and got his bags.

Finally the boys were reunited with their best friend, who they hadn’t seen in months, and our group was made complete. We were all hungry at that point and so we immediately headed to the nearest In-N-Out. There’s nothing like a good In-N-Out burger to introduce you to California, and Glenn must have enjoyed it because he woke us all up that night sleep-talking about hamburgers.

Glenn woke up early the next morning due to jet lag and so we were out the door that day well before the time we would normally be up. We went to Santa Claus Beach, which is a more popular beach in the area. Glenn taught us how to play a game with the soccer ball in which we stand in a circle and have to juggle the soccer ball to each other. You’re allowed to let the ball bounce once before you get it, but if you mess up you have another letter. We chose an animal before each game and the letters for your mistakes would spell out the name of that animal. Whoever spelled out the whole name first lost and would have to circle the group while pretending to be that animal.

I was at a disadvantage since I have no experience juggling a soccer ball, so they changed the rules slightly and allowed me to pass it like I would in volleyball, which probably ended up giving me a slight advantage over them. Still, I lost a game and had to pretend I was a worm. Sean lost a couple games and had to go out in the ocean and pretend he was a salmon, which didn’t seem like such a bad punishment since it was hot and the water was refreshing.

There were a lot of shops and restaurants near the beach and so we walked over to one our airbnb host had recommended: the Padaro Beach Grill. There was a line out the door but the food there was excellent and well worth the wait.

After lunch we headed straight into Santa Barbara to get some drinks at BevMo and groceries for Glenn at Trader Joe’s. At BevMo we found Mike’s Harder Lemonade. It’s the same as regular Mike’s Hard, but in a giant can and with 8% alcohol. We got three each, except for Sean, who got a giant bottle of spiced rum instead. In hindsight, this may not have been a good idea.

That night we went out to an area of Santa Barbara known as the Funk Zone where a lot of the bars and nightlife are. Everything was fine at the first bar we went to and I showed up Glenn and Sean at corn hole. But then at the second bar the Mike’s Harder’s I had pre-gamed with kicked in full blast and it soon became clear I needed to go home. James went back with me but Sean and Glenn wanted to stay out longer. They made it back a couple hours after we did with no recollection of how they got there. Sean and I were the only ones to actually make it to bed. James slept on the couch for some odd reason, even though his bed was actually closer, and Glenn ended up on the floor.

Needless to say, we were very hungover the next morning. Sugary drinks like Mike’s Hard are good for that. We barely managed to pack up and get out of the airbnb by our checkout time at 11am. We stopped at KFC for lunch, where the boys were excited to find that yes we do have regular gravy here, not just the white kind you get with biscuits and gravy or country fried steak. They all burned themselves opening the gravy containers, but at least they said it tasted better than it does in the UK. After this lunch and with everyone still in agony we set off for LA.

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